About Us

Welcome! PS4e1 is a Manhattan-based company of professional actors who apply many of the techniques we use as performers to the training we give. These techniques can be easily understood and put to use by everyone.

Among our ranks are actors who have played leading roles on Broadway, television and film. In 1990, we began by training actors, singers, dancers and athletes suffering from stage fright. In 1997, we branched out to include the training of CEOs and Executives in giving effective presentations. Since then, we have worked with people in a variety of professions and pursuits.

Training Director
PeithoPeitho, pen name of the President and Founder of PS4e1 and the Director of Training, is a native New Yorker who, since 1997 has trained public speakers and been their speech writer, and given acting workshops at various schools and institutions, among them New York University.

Theatrical background includes acting leading roles on Broadway, for instance in the original production of Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, starring on television, writing a series of plays produced off-Broadway and producing theater internationally.

(Peitho pronounced peetho with an emphasis on the tho is the ancient Greek goddess of persuasion and speech).